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Greetings and welcome to my homebuilt analog synthesizer site. I have had a longtime interest in electronics as a hobby that started in 1971 at the age of 7 when I dismantled a flashlight and wired a battery and the bulb together with a scrap of wire and made my first working circuit! The thrill of this led to more contraptions of batteries and bulbs, and eventually into electronics by way of educational kits. I loved my Science Fair 100-in-1 bought in 1976 at a local Radio Shack! My main interest was primarily audio electronics. Building things like radios and audio amplifiers. It was some years later, around 1982 or so, that the analog synth 'bug' bit me and my electronics focus shifted to building synthesizers. I picked up a wonderful book at a local Heathkit electronics store called 'Electronic Music Circuits' by Barry Klein. It was this book that inspired my first synth that I built in 1983.

Fast forward to now. These are my current synths in progress: One I've worked on for a while and a new synth project. Pictured below is what's currently going on in my lab.

An Audio Output Interface Module Project

Current Project

This is an audio output interface module for connecting the synth to standard audio equipment. It features a three input mixer, active bass/treble tone controls and boosted line drive output.

Other Projects

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